Kirsten Sjursen-Lien, BFA2 Character Animator at CalArts and enthusiastic user of sarcasm! I'm super into cats, terrible memes, wacky early comic strips, and ridiculous commercials from the 80s and 90s. You know, quality stuff like that.

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Hello! I'm sorry if this seems like an odd question, but how is that you animate so quickly? I suppose I'm referring more so to your little gifs as opposed to a film project -- I mean, despite them being little gifs, the animation in them is always pretty fleshed out, and colored, even! Ahh! Is there more to it than loosening up your drawings and practice? Anonymous

Thank you!

Hmm… I just kinda draw fast, really. And definitely I’ve gotten waaaaaay faster as I learn and improve at animation and posing/timing choices become more second nature to me.

Although I will say that even my most simple gifs (like the tails one or star fox one) still take me at least 2 hours for a hundred or so frame colored animation on 2s. With my really quick animations I usually don’t even thumbnail anything and just keep everything pretty rough, but usually my process for lineless animation is:



Inbetweens (and color- this is two steps)

and then my lines, backgrounds, shading, clean-up, and compositing

For animation WITH lineart I usually line all my thumbnails and in-between from there, then color. But especially with faster animation my lines are pretty rough!

Hope that helps?